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   SOFiE Sort Batch

The setup, customization and management of a SOFiE Sort batched environment represent our core expertise. U IT delivers fast and efficient technical support coupled with a tight and up-to-date knowledge of the Legal Reporting domain at Luxembourg.

U IT is not "only" a technical agent, we grant our customers with dedicated information and advices. As we have direct contacts with the right persons in the right companies or institutions, our Service Maintenance contracts are confortable and reassuring for anyone.

Some services we offer, dedicated to the "SOFiE Sort Batch" customers:
  • Administrative support (with Cetrel, Luxtrust, CCSS)
  • SOFiE Batch installation & configuration
  • High level of customization of installation
  • Integration into workflows
  • Dedicated pre/post-treatment developments
  • Migration/re-installation, recovery, maintenance
  • Training on 1st level support SOFiE for IT staff
  • Helped by our high knowledge of SOFiE Sort, we ... :
    • Provide effective & fast results
    • Guarantee our interventions
    • Personalize your installations
    • Share our knowledge with our customers
    • Care about security and confidentiality of your data
    • Answer or find the answers to your questions
    • etc...
SOFiE Sort Batch services

SOFiE Sort Batch installation offer
  • Standard SOFiE Batch installation offer - This document is used as a base for discussion with our customers. As a SOFiE Sort Batch installation is extremely configurable, the needs and tasks to perform can vary a lot.
SOFiE Sort Batch certificate renewal offer
  • On a batch environment, this operation is often critic and may not suffer a long downtime. U IT takes care of all aspects of this particular operation and guarantees it.
SOFiE Sort Batch Service contract
  • Whether you just need an extra insurance to ensure the good operating of your batched installation or you require a complete and guaranteed support service to handle and take care of your SOFiE Sort installation, we should have something interesting for any "batched" customer.
Presentation document (english) : SOFiE Sort Batch - Presentation

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