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   SOFiE Sort GUI

U IT targets an high level of expertise & efficiency - In the Legal Reporting (LR) domain, U IT is not only a "technical agent", we also provide our customers with information & advices.

Our training sessions are half SOFiE, half business knowledge (legal reporting) + questions/answers. Our aim is that our customers master and understand the processes - we are there to answer your questions.

Some services we offer, dedicated to the "SOFiE Sort GUI" customers:
  • Administrative support (with Cetrel, Luxtrust, CCSS)
  • SOFiE installation & configuration
  • Migration/re-installation, recovery, maintenance
  • Training on SOFiE for new customers or new users
  • Dedicated help & explanations by reports type
  • Dedicated Quick User Guide by reports type
  • Helped by our high knowledge of SOFiE Sort & the LR, we :
    • Provide effective & fast results
    • Guarantee our interventions
    • Personalize your installations
    • Share our knowledge with our customers
    • Care about security and confidentiality of your data
    • Help and advise in communication with institutions
    • Answer or find the answers to your questions
    • etc...
SOFiE Sort GUI services

SOFiE Sort installation offer
SOFiE Sort installation offer (for non-EU customers)
  • Complete offer provided by U IT which covers all aspects for the setting up of a SOFiE account.

SOFiE Sort certificate renewal offer
SOFiE Sort certificate renewal offer (for non-EU customers)
  • We do not only perform all the papework for you, but also clean up your installation, perform any requested change and a backup accompanied by a 3y guarantee.

Incoming service proposed by U IT:

  U IT will provide soon with fair priced service contract for SOFiE Sort GUI which will grant to all customers a guarantee to respond rapidly to any technical problem and send their reports in time.

Incoming product developped by U IT:

      SOFiE 1 Click (S1C) (Clic to learn more)