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U11 Builder

U11 Builder

First tool developed by U IT concernant a CSSF report. U11 Builder is not just a capture tool, it includes functions to manage many entities.

U11 Builder

  • Main Features
  • Full vs Light version
CSSF Reporting
U11 Builder
Main Features

U IT - U11 Builder - Main Features

Mid 2016, the CSSF launched a new report named U 1.1 in replacement of the old O 1.1 - Monthly financial information - fund report.

Link to CSSF U 1.1 reporting guidelines : Click here
Link to CSSF U 1.1 reporting FAQ : Click here

U IT developed a capture interface named U11 Builder having the following features :

  • Overall studied interface to ease user's work and minimize re-capture of data
  • Includes all the rules and capture limitations set by the CSSF
  • Add as much as possible supplementary capture rules or quality filters
  • Includes report's status feature to better follow the production of all the managed reports
  • Allows to import or export the dynamic data of the report (unit/share information)
  • Allows to copy/paste from excel/text the dynamic data of the report (unit/share information)
  • Fast & easy to install, relieve the IT department from a complex installation and management
  • Proposed in 2 versions : the Full and the Light version
U11 Builder - v1.1 - Overview : Click here
U11 Builder - v1.0 - User documentation : Click here

Status (April 2017) :
Version 1.1 was released which adds the multi-user support, a yearly status summary table and a few more options or minor improvments.
Contact us if you would like to have more information on this product.

CSSF Reporting
U11 Builder
Full vs Light version

U IT - U11 Builder - Full vs Light version

U11 builder is developped in java and is proposed in two versions : full and light

U 11 Builder - Full

  • The package includes the U11 application + an incorporated JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
  • The full version is portable, this means that it can be executed from anywhere without the need of an installation. Installating or moving the application simply requires to copy the main directory to the new location - a portable version can be run from a USB stick
  • The size of the package is around 55Mo

U 11 Builder - Light

  • The package includes the U11 application and needs to have a JRE installed on the system which is running it - it's compatible with Java 1.7+ JRE
  • In many cases, the application will run at first start, but it may requires adjustments from the IT and/or IT security department in order to allow he U11 Builder to execute properly
  • The size of the package is around 2Mo

We recommand the use of the full version as it's more stable and easier to manage.