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U11 Builder

U11 Builder

First tool developed by U IT concernant a CSSF report. U11 Builder is not just a capture tool, it includes functions to manage many entities.

CSSF Reporting
U11 Builder
Main Features

U IT - U11 Builder - Main Features

Mid 2016, the CSSF launched a new report named U 1.1 in replacement of the old O 1.1 - Monthly financial information - fund report.

U IT developed a capture interface named U11 Builder having the following features :

  • Overall studied interface to ease user's work and minimize re-capture of data
  • Includes all the rules and capture limitations set by the CSSF
  • Add as much as possible supplementary capture rules or quality filters
  • Includes report's status feature to better follow the production of all the managed reports
  • Allows to import or export the dynamic data of the report (unit/share information)
  • Allows to copy/paste from excel/text the dynamic data of the report (unit/share information)
  • Fast & easy to install, relieve the IT department from a complex installation and management
  • Proposed in 2 versions : the Full and the Light version

Status (April 2017) :
Version 1.1 was released which adds the multi-user support, a yearly status summary table and a few more options or minor improvments.
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