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SOFiE Business

SOFiE Business is one of the two variants of SOFiE, the other is named SOFiE Sort and is used as one of the two official secure chanel for the Luxembourgish Legal Reporting.

SOFiE Business includes the Seculine electronic solution (refer to our page dedicated to Seculine) and a multitude of different services of secure transmissions. The 3 main services proposed are :

  • Banking packages (for credit cards, domiciliations, Multiline, other data exchanges)
  • FATCA Reporting (launched in 2015)
  • CRS Reporting (launched in 2017)

U IT proposes 2 fixed offers and the full set of technical services to all the SOFiE Business customers :

  • Installation, configuration & technical audit
  • Luxtrust certificates renewal
  • Administrative support (with Worldline, Luxtrust, Chambre of Commerce, ACD)
  • Lost password, reset profile, various technical issues
  • Migration/re-installation, recovery, maintenance
  • Batch server installation + customisation
  • User and IT support training

SOFiE Business - GUI mode

  • Complete installation of your SOFiE Business account. Configuration, installation, training on both SOFiE & FATCA + three months of service contract offered to ensure you master the subject.
  • We do not only perform all the papework for you, but also clean up your installation, offer a guarantee for the lifetime of the new certificate and perform any requested change in the configuration of your SOFiE.

SOFiE Business - BATCH mode

SOFiE Business configured in batch mode is rather complex and used for critical purposes. Please contact us to discuss for a dedicated service among the following :

  • Installation & configuration in BATCH mode
  • Renewal of the certificate
  • Migration of a batch installation