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SOFiE ToolBox

Automated / BATCH
- SOFiE ToolBox Automated tools

These tools enhance the automated environment, performing daily tasks which relieve the people in charge of the legal reports, or, for the IT, perform a constant monitoring of the processes and send warning email when errors.

Automated / BATCH

Interactive / GUI
- SOFiE ToolBox Interactive tools

Two dedicated & interactive tools which are used by users but also the IT : Informer as a realtime monitor of the daily activity, Digger as a search tools among all the reports sent or feedbacks received.

Interactive / GUI

Both modes
- SOFiE ToolBox Dual mode tools

Actually one tool, the Preparer, can be used interactively or configured in automated mode. It's a pre-treatment tool (prior sending) which adds a couple of useful functions which can be selected individually.

Both modes

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SOFiE ToolBox

SOFiE ToolBox - General

SOFiE ToolBox, alias STB, is the name of a toolkit U IT developed to strengthen the operating of a SOFiE Sort batch environment and enhance it with functionalities mainly focused to bring a maximum of automation.


The number of different reports and feedbacks became consequent and requires a strong "know-how" that U IT acquired this last decade and which resulted to the development of this suite of tools, allowing our customers to benefit of the best simplification of these numerous and increasing reports sent every year.

In 2023 the STB toolkit includes 6 tools which are described furthermore on this site. Hang over the cursor on the boxes on the left column and click on the tool's name for more details.

Presentation document

  • This document presents SOFiE ToolBox, describes the future and potential developments and features, and includes an order form to apply for the solution.

Key aspects

The tools are continuously updated in order to adapt to any new SOFiE release as to follow the most recent changes brought by the regulators in the Legal Reporting domain @Luxembourg.

  • You select only the tools you need
  • No third party technical provider, no mutualized external platform
  • Solution is 100% managed and operated internally
  • U IT provides technical support for installation & configuration and can also provide dedicated SLA business & technical support under service contract
  • If you hesitate to take one tool we propose to test & use it during a 3 months trial period
  • If, upon your needs, you want a specific treatment/information/development, inform us about and we'll study the possibility to whether develop a new tool or adapt/enhance one existent


Our pricing model starts from a standard license price which is incremented based on your category level - this category is linked with the yearly volume of files (reports and feedback reports) sent and received the previous year. The category level is reviewed during the first month of each year and the license price is adapted as per.

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