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About Legal Reporting

The "Legal Reporting" in Luxembourg consists in periodic delivery of informational data to CSSF and to BCL by the entities under their supervision. The transmission of these reports must follow specific rules and is performed using secured dedicated applications & solutions.

U IT, SOFiE & e-file

Since 2008, the CSSF & BCL agreed to authorize 2 public solutions to achieve the transmission of the legal reports : "SOFiE" (Secured Online FIle Exchange) from Worldline and "e-file" from Fundsquare.

U IT speciliazed on SOFiE and the company was created in 2010 in order to complete the support provided : the SOFiE Helpdesk of Worldine takes care of the main support requests using emails and phone call when U IT takes care of all the other cases of figure.

SOFiE has 3 variants : SOFiE Sort for the CSSF & BCL Legal Reporting, SOFiE Business for (1) Seculine from CCSS (Centre Commun de la Securite Sociale) and (2) FATCA & CRS reporting for the Luxembourg ACD (Administration des Contributions Directes).

SOFiE Sort

SOFiE Sort can be configured in two ways : in "GUI mode" which is the classic interactive use of SOFiE, and "Batch mode" which is its automated configuration.

U IT provides a full set of services and a specialized expertise for all the SOFiE Sort customers :

  • On-site or direct remote support
  • Dedicated expertise, advising & technical audit
  • Batch & dedicated server installation
  • Urgent and/or complex requests of support
  • Service contracts & SLA
  • Maintenances
  • Server migration
  • User and IT support training

SOFiE ToolBox (STB)

For SOFiE in Batch mode, we developped a couple of dedicated applications to complete the automation aim requested by many customers :

  • Error monitoring & warning system
  • Monitoring solutions
  • Historical & reconciliation reports
  • Feedbacks sorting & dispatching
  • Custom developments & personalized batches

Read our SOFiE Toolbox page to learn more about


SOFiE Sort - GUI Mode

"GUI mode" also means "Interactive Mode" and is the most dominant and simplest way to install SOFiE. U IT proposes a series of complete and well priced services covering all the needs of our customers.

  • All-in-one offer (installation, configuration and training)
  • Certificates renewals
  • Handling any tech request/issue, dedicated training. ...
  • Small & dedicated service contract (with SLA)


SOFiE Sort - BATCH Mode

SOFiE configured in BATCH mode is used (and advised) for high volume customers. This mode is mainly known and appreciated for its robustness and high customizability.

The set-up of a SOFiE Batch environment is the core expertise of U IT. We offer a full range of services, service contracts under SLA and developped SOFiE Toolbox (STB) which is a set of unique tools which enhance the automation of the solution.

  • SOFiE Sort Batch installations & migrations
  • Reactive & professional support
  • 3 levels of service contracts with custom option
  • Expertise & advising
  • Certificates renewals (max 4 hours downtime warranted)
  • The SOFiE ToolBox set of tools