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U IT is an independent RegTech specialised for the Luxembourg market. By developping our own solutions we cover and strenghten precise fields of the Legal Reporting domain for which we offer an high quality support, innovative improvments and expert advising.

Since 2010 we supported more than 500 customers including 45 banks.

Our philosophy towards our customers is to provide more than expected. Our principal objective is also our main motivation : to do well our job and enjoy doing it well.

Due to our specialisation in a few domains, we guarantee fast and effective results.

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RSend for CSSF eDesk

01/2024 - U IT has released a first version of RSend, a dedicated application to file your legal reports to eDesk, the new CSSF portal.

Since 2008, SOFiE Sort and e-file were the only options to send the legal reports, but the CSSF decided to put an end to this situation.

RSend is currently under development to take up the torch and provide to the market a solution to respond to this major change. The current solution is already operational and will be gradually enhanced with all the necessary business functions during 2024 & 2025.

SeCo Solution

11/2021 - Since 2010 U IT supports the Seculine solution which allows to communicate the social and salary information to the Luxembourg CCSS.

SeCo stands for Seculine Connector. It's a small, cheap and well-tuned solution which fluidifies the operations. The 2 main roles of SeCo are:

  • Automation of sendings & receptions
  • Provide with an historic & search panel

SeCo is not an expensive tool, the cost vs time saved during a whole year is profitable only after a few months. If you hesitate for SeCo, we offer to try it, at no cost.

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RGen AIFM released

01/2021 - U IT is pleased to announce the launch of our AIFMD / Annex IV solution named RGen AIFM.

Despite the already well-established competition, we have developed a solution that in some respects stands out from our competitors, particularly in terms of data security and confidentiality.

But it's in terms of support that we stand out the most, we only started to sell our solution once we were enough comfortable with this complex reporting, allowing us to ensure our customers a strong expert support.


New U IT website

09/2020 - We are proud to announce the update of U IT website.

This was a long awaited project that was continuously postponed. Our old and previous "nineties" website was not anymore adapted, up to the point we were perfectly illustrating the poorly shod shoemaker.

This new website was fully developed by U IT, all the team participated to its implementation - we wanted to demonstrate that when we engage on a project we like to do things well.

U IT CEDRS Solution

08/2020 - CEDRS stands for Central Electronic Data Retrieval System and is a new report to provide, on a daily basis, to the CSSF. It was announced by the law of 25 March and the further CSSF 20/747 circular. It has to be implemented for the end of the year.

Entities falling under the scope of the new law are mainly the banks.

This uncommon reporting brings a new secure channel to the Luxembourg, allowing professionals to directly communicate with the CSSF. The solution U IT brings to the market has many key advantages.

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RFC GUI v4 released

01/2020 - U IT is pleased on announce a major update of the well known "RFC GUI".

This new version allows a better management of the reports and was mainly released to help fiduciaries to better organize with many declarers. The RFC GUI are not anymore just a capture tool.

Main changes of this new version :

  • User interface reviewed, better lisibility
  • Automatic backups, many sorting options
  • Introduce the List of Entities - for better management

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