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U IT is specialized in Legal Reporting and precise sub-domains of it.

We mainly work for clients in Luxembourg but early 2020 we started to develop solutions for the European market.

Our expertise can be divided in 3 fields :

  • Solution provider - development and support of dedicated solutions
  • Process optimizer - setup and support of advanced & efficient servers
  • Expert adviser - we help our customers on many subjects surrounding the domain

The solutions we develop, install and support are varied, like :

  • RFC GUI - Capture tools for BCL Financial Companies statistical reporting
  • RSV GUI - Capture tools for BCL Securitization Vehicles statistical reporting
  • RGen AIFM - Solution for the ESMA AIFMD Annex IV reporting (Europe)
  • U11 Builder - Capture & management solution for the CSSF U1.1 reporting
  • RGen & SAPI CEDRS - for the CSSF CEDRS reporting
  • LRCP (Legal Reporting Central Platform) for banks and great groups
  • Expert support of the SOFiE & SOFiE Sort© Secured Channels
  • SeCo to simplify & fluidify the Seculine/CCSS exchange
  • Help & expertise on FATCA & CRS reportings (ACD)
  • Custom & on-demand developments relative to all previously listed

The common points shared by of our solutions and our expertise are :

  • Simplify user's work
  • Develop applications enhancing and/or extending the current solution
  • Bring as much as possible automation
  • Provide strong and smart support
  • Share knowledge and help our customers to master and learn what is needed
  • Maintain human, friendly and respectful relations with our customers

U IT is not only a "technical agent", we provide many information & advices to our customers. As we have direct contacts with the right persons in the right institutions & keys actors, our Service Contracts becomes confortable and reassuring for anyone.

We deliver fast and efficient technical support coupled with a tight and up-to-date knowledge of the domain. During any practical training on one of our applications we share many extra information and always answer or find the answer to any question.

About our costs ? U IT practices fair costs. We try to apply and propose our customers a just due. Remember that the whole U IT team is first focused on performing well its tasks, we enjoy doing our best to merit our expert status, but also to satisfy or please our customers. We are indeed "Customer Focus". Results that follows are almost always positives ... for both.


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What our customers say

2024-05-13 19:40:03
Gisev Admin Lux

I started my work relationship with UIT in April 2021 and I am very happy of the work accomplished. Their teams are always available and revert to me really fast, they are very professionals and I fully recommend UIT for any reporting to be sent to the CSSF or the BCL.

7 / 7
- Vincent Noël
Senior accountant
2024-01-12 10:46:22
Banco Bradesco Europa S.A

We started our relationship with UIT in 2020 and since then, I can only say compliments, express my thankfulness for their support and recommend them. UIT cares about us and their commitment exceeds our expectations: the team is composed by great professionals, very nice people and we are pleased with their high quality of service.

7 / 7
- Elza Hirota
ICT Manager
2022-11-08 20:53:13
RCB Bank Ltd

Co-operation with UIT was always AAA. From start to finish and after supoort. Great team, great support and good people.

7 / 7
- Vangelis Patsalis
Systems Administrator
2021-09-14 18:22:59

We need to send AIFM Report to CSSF. With the new RGenAIFM tools developed by UIT Team we are able to easy generate the XML file based on the Excel templates. With the support of UIT Team, we also understand the process and with their expertise (process, regulation rules, ...) we can together solve the errors encountered in our initial generation. The UIT Team is very flexible and responsive. Thanks

6 / 7
- Philippe GUIOT
2020-09-07 16:19:42
Bank of China Luxembourg

Bank of China Luxembourg has been using UIT tools and services (SOFiE Toolbox with light maintenance contract) for 2 years and it has been a significant improvement for the regulatory reporting team in comparison to using only SOFiE. The report sending process has been completely facilitated as it is just a matter of dropping the files in a folder, while improving robustness and auditability. You get a clear view of which reports were sent and when, email alerts/summary are configurable, and the regulator feedback is handled efficiently. The support is also outstanding: during those two years, I was always able to immediately get a very skilled person on the phone. The tools almost never fail, so we used the support primarily to get really pertinent information on regulatory requirements in general. UIT is very well connected with the regulators and all stakeholders, which allows Alexandre and his team to be very helpful and thorough when analysing reporting requirements. UIT is very customer-focused and data confidentiality-conscious. UIT also helps in the Luxtrust renewal process. I therefore firmly recommend UIT to any Luxembourg financial actor to handle the secure exchange of information with the regulators.

7 / 7
- Luc Belargent
Manager - Regulatory Reporting
2019-12-10 09:52:56
Cardif Life

Une très bonne surprise de trouver un partenaire aussi flexible que réactif. Intervenants de qualité, travail rapide est bien effectué. Je recommande UIT sans la moindre hésitation.

7 / 7
- Cyril Coter
IT Manager
2019-07-25 11:08:11
Whirlpool Corporation

The team is very nice and they respond quickly to any queries. I find working with a smaller company more personable and it is good to see the same people (in big companies you always end up talking to someone else). Julia has always been responsive to my questions and Slimane did several remote interventions and he has been knowledgeable and very quick in completing it without much interrupting my work day. Last year he also helped me restore my password so I didn't have to repurchase a new Luxtrust certificate (such a relief!). The template is very easy to use and in comparison to the Funsquare platform that I used in the past I personally find the U IT files more user friendly and better in facilitating the reporting process. To the whole team, even those who do not interact with clients, keep up a good work!

7 / 7
- Egle Morkunaite
Finance Manager
2019-03-28 14:06:38
Not referenced

Good availability and responsiveness of the support - commercial monitoring. The relationship is not limited to the conclusion of the contract and installation as one can unfortunately meet with other suppliers.

6 / 7
- Aurélie Meyer
2019-03-22 16:36:55
CKH International

Mr Alexandre Thilmany and UIT have provided us with exceptionally professional service. They were able to go the extra mile to provide us with a service were they managed our relationship with a third party service provider in order to have a seamless experience in our reporting to the Central Bank of Luxembourg.

7 / 7
- Lukas Badenhorst
Statutory Accountant
2019-03-21 08:10:23
NordLB Covered Bond Bank S.A.

We were very happy with the SOFIE upgrade procedure UIT supported us. In addition the STB tools solution, installed by UIT, works very good and stable. We can strongly recommend working with UIT.

6 / 7
- Volker Schneider
System Administrator
2019-03-08 10:21:00
PayPal Luxembourg

Alexandre and his team are extremely knowledgeable from a technical poimt of view. They provide top class and prompt customer service, and provide a great level of comfort over the transmission of our submissions to the CSSF / BCL.

7 / 7
- Owen Fitzpatrick
Regulatory Reporting Manager
2018-07-26 15:19:46
Banque Hapoalim Luxembourg

Very professional team, UIT provides a quick and very good service. Our Financial and reporting team gain a lot of time with this tools.

7 / 7
- Francis JANTZEN
IT - Legal reporting
2018-07-10 15:22:46
Noble Corporation

UIT provides a quick and very good service

7 / 7
- David Dujacquier
2018-06-21 17:41:18
Credit Suisse (Luxembourg) S.A.

UIT is a very professional service provider for regulatory reporting matters. The UIT tool box is complementary for both IT and business users. UIT employees are skilled and honest. I can fully recommend this company.

7 / 7
- Christoph Meilen
Vice President / Head of Busin
2017-12-06 15:35:38
Merck Finance Sàrl

In total service was great, Support was good, but the Person that had to present the program was not fluent in english which was difficult and also a well-groomed apprarance would have been pleasant which was unfirtunately not the case.

5 / 7
- Carola Knecht
Managing Director
2017-11-28 12:31:08
R-SC Internet Services Luxembourg S.A.

We used this service for one of our clients and feel now comfortable to meet the BCL requirements to a competitive price. Qualified support during the process of implementation was much appreciated.

6 / 7
- J.Schmäcker
Finance Manager
2017-09-04 11:19:52
Not referenced

The UIT products and services meet our needs and requirements. Thanks again!

7 / 7
- Philippe Blanquier
IT Manager
2017-06-19 09:37:02
Grant Thornton

Good services, easy to understand,

6 / 7
Chartered accountant
2017-06-16 13:25:13
Not referenced

Cela fait deux années que nous possédons les produits BCL et nous en sommes satisfaits totalement. Nous n'avons eu recours au service technique que deux fois et en plus ce n'était pas du tout un problème technique, il s'agissait simplement d'une mauvaise référence indiquée par l'utilisateur. Nous recommandons vivement la société UIT.

7 / 7
- Maria ELF
Chief accountant
2017-06-15 10:09:42
Zugzwang S.à.r.l.

Great and very friendly service, quick assistance!

7 / 7
- Gabriele Lengwin
2017-04-20 10:23:17

Une équipe toujours fiable. Une réponse rapide à chaque demande.

6 / 7
- Olivier Ferrer
Managing Partner
2016-12-22 16:50:20
Headstart S.à.r.l.

Rapide, efficace et de bons conseils ! Nous n'hésiterons pas à retravailler ensemble.

7 / 7
- Delphine Schmidt
Senior Manager
2016-04-16 12:15:52

Thank you for the prompt and excellent service. No complain at all I can only recommend UIT for their efficiency, professionalism and amability.

7 / 7
2016-04-06 10:36:47
Sales-Lentz Group S.A.

Competent, Reactive, In Time, Flexible

6 / 7
- De Paoli Yvan
RH Dept. Head
2016-03-31 15:25:13

Globally very satisfied. Fast responsiveness to any issues we could have met and updates of the Banque centrale files

6 / 7
- Mathieu Bertrand
2016-03-29 09:34:18

Service was very in line with presentation which we received. Program is easy to use and we have not had issues with it

6 / 7
- Patrick Nagel
2016-03-22 14:59:35
Fiduciaire Jean-Marc Faber

U IT was very reactive to our requests and very helpful to explain to non-IT specialist

6 / 7
2016-03-21 14:17:57
Reckitt Benckiser

I am satisfied with the services provided by UIT up to now. The fees are reasonnable, I had to use the training session and it was efficient and the team is quick to respond on any demand and very flexible. I would recommand the company to anyone who would ask me for.

7 / 7
- Pittari Giuseppe
Finance Manager
2016-03-21 13:54:36

Rapide et efficace, rien a redire.

6 / 7
- Fred Hilbert
2015-09-22 14:03:16

U IT has proven many times in the past to be professional, dynamic and very swift with their responses!

7 / 7
- Els Theuns
application engineer
2015-08-17 10:30:42
Stena International SA

Good tools and excellent services

7 / 7
2015-08-07 12:25:08
Pentair Finance SA

Mr Thilmany always answers our questions quickly.

7 / 7
- Ben Peric
2015-07-27 10:59:51


7 / 7
2015-07-17 09:46:20
IBS Asset Management Luxembourg Branch

Very helpful and thorough

7 / 7
- Hubert Roels
Adminstration Manager
2015-07-15 16:42:53
Not referenced

excellent support for implementation of sofie and training for the application managers!

6 / 7
- Christian Herber
Head of IT Application Service
2015-07-15 12:03:36
Not referenced

After services is splendid, training was splendid. Setting up the original program by ourselves, we did hit a speed bump and the follow up was not good, then U IT took the hand on it and terminated it.

7 / 7
- Pearl van den berg