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SOFiE Sort Batch

The setup, customization and management of a SOFiE Sort batched environment represent our core expertise.

Some services we offer, dedicated to the "SOFiE Sort Batch" customers:

  • Administrative support (with Cetrel, Luxtrust, CCSS)
  • SOFiE Batch installation & configuration
  • High level of customization of installation
  • Integration into workflows
  • Dedicated pre/post-treatment developments
  • Migration/re-installation, recovery, maintenance
  • Training on 1st level support SOFiE for IT staff
  • Helped by our high knowledge of SOFiE Sort, we ... :
    • Provide effective & fast results
    • Guarantee our interventions
    • Personalize your installations
    • Share our knowledge with our customers
    • Care about security and confidentiality of your data
    • Answer or find the answers to your questions
    • etc...

SOFiE Sort Batch services

  • Standard SOFiE Batch installation offer - This document is used as a base for discussion with our customers. As a SOFiE Sort Batch installation is extremely configurable, the needs and tasks to perform can vary a lot.
  • On a batch environment, this operation is often critic and may not suffer a long downtime. U IT takes care of all aspects of this particular operation and guarantees it.
  • Whether you just need an extra insurance to ensure the good operating of your batched installation or you require a complete and guaranteed support service to handle and take care of your SOFiE Sort installation, we should have something interesting for any "batched" customer.
SOFiE Sort Batch - Presentation Presentation document (english)

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