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SeCo - Seculine Connector

SeCo is the solution U IT developped to simplify and strengthen the Seculine solution set by the Luxembourg social security (CCSS) in place since 2008

SeCo - Seculine Connector

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SeCo - General

In 2008, the Luxembourg social security (CCSS) launched the Seculine solution which allows any employer or fiduciary to securely communicate information with them throught internet.

The application used to transfert the data is SOFiE Business, or SOFiE Seculine, developped by Worldline (previously known as Cetrel and Six Payments Services).

U IT supports SOFiE customers since 2010 and works in close contact with Worldline, the CCSS, and many actors of the domain surrounding Seculine. Based on our experience and in-depth knowledge of the actual solution, we developped a first tool in 2015 named SSL (SOFiE Seculine Launcher). In 2019, we started the development of SeCo which was released mid-2021.

The main goal of SeCo is to help any Seculine participant to gain time by automating SOFiE, its main aspects are :

  • SOFiE is automated : users do not have anymore to connect to or use SOFiE manually
  • All files are transmitted or received within a few minutes
  • Email alert on SOFiE error/success
  • SeCo provides users & management with a panel to monitor or search on files transferred
  • IT departments centralize the support of the solution to one server, no more SOFiE related intervention
  • U IT support on SeCo and SOFiE is included on top of Worldline SOFiE support

For its first version v1.0, SeCo is proposed in 2 formats :

  • SeCo WEB - For any type of customer, adapted for fiduciaries or company with 2+ SOFiE users
  • SeCo Desktop - For single users, can be adapted for 2 or 3 users but not recommended

The cost of SeCo is mininal and varies upon the number of declared employees. Further cost diminution remains possible for small entities who use SOFiE only a few times a month. Our aim is/was to adapt the SeCo tarif in order to benefit, in term ot time earned, to all SOFiE Seculine participants.

SeCo Presentation (french) - v1.1 : Click here (Update 10/2021)

Consult the Timeline page for the most up-to-date information


SeCo WEB is the newest version of SeCo, released during 3rd quarter 2021.

For users SeCo is a WEB application used to verify and monitor the file exchanges with the CCSS. They do not have (anymore) to care about sending or receiving the Seculine files. Any member of the management can also have access to SeCo to monitor the activities.

For the IT, SeCo WEB is a server-client type application using web services, it's fully administered and operated internally. SeCo uses certificate (https) for user's authentication and operate 100% "offline" (no external/internet access).

On top of automating SOFiE, SeCo WEB also includes :

  • A secured user authentication (https)
  • A search panel allowing to list all the transfers activities, open files, logs
  • Email alert on SOFiE error/success
  • Allow users to manually force sending, reception or SOFiE update.
  • A "Seculine knowledge" panel with direct links to documentation provided by the CCSS
  • A support panel with test functions, system information & UIT details
SeCo WEB Overview (french) - v1.0 : Click here (Update 10/2021)
Seculine Connector
SeCo Desktop

SeCo Desktop

SeCo Desktop development started in 2019 and tested with some customers during 2020. It was released during the 2nd quarter 2021.

This version of SeCo is dedicated for single Seculine users. It's instaled locally on the workstation and silently automate any sending or reception of the Seculine files.

Installing SeCo Desktop is fast and does not prevent from using SOFiE manually as usual.

On top of automating SOFiE, SeCo Desktop also includes :

  • A search panel allowing to list all the transfers activities, open files, logs
  • Silent auto-start when the workstation is switched-on, icon in the windows notification bar
  • Pop-up notification windows on file sent, received or in error
  • Users can directly control de frequency of sending or reception
  • User can quickly spot SOFiE errors, display the log and send it to U IT in one click
  • Can be configured for 2 to 3 users/workstations with one endorsing the role of sender/receiver
  • Support function to verify SOFiE integrity
SeCo Desktop Overview (french) - v1.0 : Soon available


  • 2022-07 - Seco WEB v1.0.5 - Bug fix PDF read/opening from mail client
  • 2022-06 - Seco WEB v1.0.4 - Bug fix + minor updates & enhancements
  • 2022-01 - Seco WEB v1.0.3 - Update DB and meta logs (SADB/SECODB) + minor updates
  • 2021-12 - Seco WEB v1.0.2 - Strenghten solution, add monitor script of SeCo Service
  • 2021-11 - Seco WEB v1.0.1 - Minor update, regional date format issue
  • 2021-10 - Update website and add SeCo to the Products section
  • 2021-10 - Minor update of SeCo Desktop (v1.0.0 to v1.0.1)
  • 2021-10 - Seco WEB v1.0.0 - First release
  • 2021-07 - Launch an alpha release of SeCo WEB + start pilot testing
  • 2021-05 - Release v1.0 of SeCo Desktop
  • 2020-11 - Rename SeCo To SeCo Desktop + start the development of SeCo WEB
  • 2020-11 - Launch an alpha release - Rename to the tool "SeCo" (Seculine Connector)
  • 2020-02 - Starting pilot testings with selected customers
  • 2019-11 - First beta version of Seculine Connector released