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SeCo - Seculine Connector

SeCo is the solution U IT developped to simplify and strengthen the Seculine solution set by the Luxembourg social security (CCSS) in place since 2008

SeCo - Seculine Connector

Seculine Connector
SeCo Desktop

SeCo Desktop

SeCo Desktop development started in 2019 and tested with some customers during 2020. It was released during the 2nd quarter 2021.

This version of SeCo is dedicated for single Seculine users. It's instaled locally on the workstation and silently automate any sending or reception of the Seculine files.

Installing SeCo Desktop is fast and does not prevent from using SOFiE manually as usual.

On top of automating SOFiE, SeCo Desktop also includes :

  • A search panel allowing to list all the transfers activities, open files, logs
  • Silent auto-start when the workstation is switched-on, icon in the windows notification bar
  • Pop-up notification windows on file sent, received or in error
  • Users can directly control de frequency of sending or reception
  • User can quickly spot SOFiE errors, display the log and send it to U IT in one click
  • Can be configured for 2 to 3 users/workstations with one endorsing the role of sender/receiver
  • Support function to verify SOFiE integrity
SeCo Desktop Overview (french) - v1.0 : Soon available