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BCL Reporting

- Reporting Financial Companies for BCL

Intially launched in 2012, this set of 3 interfaces gradually improved every years with a major update in 2020. Half of the Luxembourg Financial Companies declaring to the BCL have their reports generated by the RFC GUI.

- Reporting Securitisation Vehicles for BCL

During 2015, we decided to cover the production of this family of reports and bring to the market high quality and efficient tools. The pack is composed of 3 tools which cover the same number of different reports.

- Reporting Insurance Corporations for BCL

Early 2016, we released a new set of tools to respond to the demand for the Insurers. The pack we propose shares the same level of quality than our other products and is composed of 4 tools which cover all the requested reports.

- Reporting Investment Funds for BCL

Since mid 2016 we released a 4th family of interfaces to cover the BCL funds reporting. The Same level of quality and finition was applied for the 3 tools, they cover the 3 reports including the 2 variants of the S1.3 / S2.13 report in one single tool.

BCL Reporting
S215 Builder

RSV GUI : S215 Builder (v1.3)

The "S215 Builder" tool is used to capture and generate the quaterly report known as the "Information on transactions made by securitisation vehicles".

Link to BCL main page for Securitisation vehicles.
Link to BCL S 2.15 report main page.

The S215 Builder proposed the following features :

  • Many extra capture rules & quality filters added
  • Smart intuitive interface improving general efficiency
  • Build-in contextual help, quick access to documentation
  • Tool can be duplicated, one exemplary by reported entities
  • Independant from the secure channel used
  • (in dev.) Automatic classified backup of generated reports
  • (in dev.) New option panel, centralize the list of entities