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CEDRS stands for Central Electronic Data Retrieval System. Announced early 2020, this new reporting obligation mainly target banks. U IT provides a solution with many key advantages.


Batched solution which converts raw data to the expected JSON format. We use the best of our knowledge & experience in automation to provide with a strong, adaptable & configurabe application.

CSSF Reporting

RGen CEDRS - Overview

RGen CEDRS stands for "Report Generator (for the) Central Electronic Data Retrieval System".

RGen CEDRS is the first part of the solution proposed by U IT to respond to this new reporting obligation. Its main purpose is to generate a valid report from a source file which is extracted from our customers core systems.

At the date of early September 2020, the application is currently under development :

Main characteristics will be the following :

  • Automated tool, suited to be included in a process chain (workflow)
  • Includes many options to adapt to different raw data extractions
  • Includes the PGP encryption function
  • Run on Windows system

Useful notice : As soon as U IT will have a first stable beta-version of the application, we'll freely deliver it to our customers to help them in their testings for the implementation of the process chains. U IT will also take into consideration any constructive feedback and may adapt the tool or add new functions or options in order to successfully achieve the goal to generate a valid report