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CEDRS stands for Central Electronic Data Retrieval System. Announced early 2020, this new reporting obligation mainly target banks. U IT provides a solution with many key advantages.


Batched solution which converts raw data to the expected JSON format. We use the best of our knowledge & experience in automation to provide with a strong, adaptable & configurabe application.


New Secure Channel based on tight and high level secured transmission technics. Requires strong development skills and knowledge in the field - U IT target to offer the best solution on the market.

CSSF Reporting

SAPI CEDRS - Overview

SAPI CEDRS stands for "Secured API (for the) Central Electronic Data Retrieval System".

SAPI CEDRS is the second part of the solution proposed by U IT to respond to this new reporting obligation. Its main purpose is to correctly communicate with the CSSF to allow the secured transmission of the report, to interpret the results and perform the necessary action in response.

At the date of early September 2020, the application is currently under development :

Main characteristics will be the following :

  • Automated tool including API technology to communicate with CSSF
  • Can include in option the PGP encryption function
  • Includes many options (reactions) possible upon success or error
  • Run on Windows system

Useful notice : Unlike the other application (RGen CEDRS), SAPI CEDRS will be more complex to implement and configure. As the application will require a certain number of annex configurations or authorizations, providing with a beta-version of the application may be difficult and could be time consuming. U IT will focus its efforts to deliver a first version of the application accompagnied with a detailed installation procedure to allow our customers to perform their early communication tests with the CSSF. A good cooperation between U IT and our customer IT team will be welcomed.