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SOFiE ToolBox

Automated / BATCH
- SOFiE ToolBox Automated tools

These tools enhance the automated environment, performing daily tasks which relieve the people in charge of the legal reports, or, for the IT, perform a constant monitoring of the processes and send warning email when errors.

Automated / BATCH

Interactive / GUI
- SOFiE ToolBox Interactive tools

Two dedicated & interactive tools which are used by users but also the IT : Informer as a realtime monitor of the daily activity, Digger as a search tools among all the reports sent or feedbacks received.

Interactive / GUI

Both modes
- SOFiE ToolBox Dual mode tools

Actually one tool, the Preparer, can be used interactively or configured in automated mode. It's a pre-treatment tool (prior sending) which adds a couple of useful functions which can be selected individually.

Both modes

SOFiE ToolBox
Interactive / GUI

STB - Digger

The Digger is an interactive tool for the users or managers in charge of the Legal Reporting and using the SOFiE Sort application as secure chanel. Its main role is to search in the history of all sent reports or received feedbacks upon a date range and specific filters.
The tool is targeted for all companies who are using SOFiE Sort. The price of the tool is adapted depending on the volume of reports and can be considered as a "fair and cheap" investment for any Reporter company

Features and/or advantages of the Digger:

  • Clear and user-friendly interface allowing to easily research in all the past activity
  • Use specific character strings to narrow any search to list only the targetted reports
  • Export any search result to a CSV document for futher utilization
  • Portable application, compatible with all Windows OS, fast installation
  • Security : the tool only requires a read access to specific logs in the SOFiE's log directory
  • (2020/2022 - Updates) Various updates to adapt to latest changes (CSSF procedures/ new BCL feedbacks)

New features for future releases:

  • Digger will be coupled with the Reporter and Dispatcher tools to allow more interactive functionalities
  • Allow the users to have access to the history of the automaticly reconciled reports
  • Allow different user's profile to search only the reports managed by specific (group of) users
  • Generate dedicated PDF reports useful for the Declarers who request a status to their Reporter
  • ... U IT is open to suggestions to add more functionnalities, do not hesitate to contact us

Status (January 2023) :
The Informer was regularly enhanced since 2020 to keep it updated but also to add small extra options or functions.